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Rehoboth Court is the premier development of Rehoboth Properties Limited. The court is a place you can call a home. It provides peace of mind, comfort, serenity, security and convenience of accessing our social amenities. We are an accredited member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Associated (GREDA).

We have available on offer, 2 bedroom semi-detached, 2 Bedroom semi-detached with a study, 3 bedroom detached standard and 3 bedroom detached all en-suite.

Our social amenities include a club house, gym facility, swimming pool, offices & retail shops.

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Our standard provision to clients includes:

  • Serene, secured gated community
  • 24 hour security Service
  • 24 hour water supply
  • Electricity connection

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How to Buy

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    Book a site visit with a member of the Sales and Marketing Team (optional)

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    Complete an application form obtainable online or from any of our offices.

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    Select House type or Preference, indicating additional requirements if any.

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    Submit Forms to our office

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